CSEE Int’l Student Support Assistant OPEN


Hello. This is Jimin Kim, your Int’l Student Support Assistant (ISSA)

in School of CSEE 🙂


Are you a CSEE International student?

Are you GLS Int’l student who is interested in the CSEE major?

Even if you have lot of questions on CSEE, you don’t know where to ask?


From this semester, ISSA will help your CSEE life.

What ISSA does?

  • Answering any question about CSEE program
  • Specially complicated class courses, ISSA will explain you very easily!
  • Upload English CSEE announcements on ISSA Open Chat room https://open.kakao.com/o/gaX9ABGb
  • C programming tutor session for Int’l students
  • Any administration help regarding CSEE

Why do I need ISSA?

  • Did you know there is “Coding Hour” ?
  • When you visit “SW Plaza”, you can ask ANY coding question to TAs.
  • Did you know there is “SW Festival”, which is
  • the biggest SW contest open for any Handong students with KRW 20 M reward

As above, ISSA has some Know-How surviving as CSEE students.

ISSA will show you those tips only for Int’l students.


How can I contact ISSA?


ISSA is looking forward to meeting CSEE Int’l students~


– Jimin Kim

CSEE Int’l Student Support Assistant OPEN